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Harga Toyota CBU 2012
Beli Mobil Toyota sekarang semakin mudah, baik secara Tunai ataupun Kredit dengan bunga ringan dan jaminanAsuransi Mobil yang terpercaya.
Dapatkan juga kepuasan pelayanan dari Toyota yang mencakup :
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Toyota CBU Duty Free Price List
(Effective from : Januari 20, 2013)

CBUJAPANCROWN (Mi)3000 ccG A/T Royal SaloonGRS202R - AETQK 00/016 Speed Automatic3GR-FE, V6 DOHC, 24V, Dual VVT-i Rp.770.000.000
New ALPHARD (Mi)3500 cc3.5L HighgradeGGH20R - PFTQK 10/116-Speeds A/T Super ECT2GR-FE,V-line,6Cyl,24V DOHC,Dual VVT-i Rp. 627.500.000
2400 cc2.4L G - HighgradeANH20R - PFXQK 10/11A/T CVT (Continues Variable Transmission)2AZ-FE, In line, 4 Cyl, 16 V DOHC, VVT-i Rp. 541.200.000
2400 cc2.4L X - StandardANH20R - PFXGK 10/11 Rp. 426.000.000
New PRIUS (Mi)1800 ccHybrid 3rd Gen.ZVW30R - AHXEBW 10A/T CVT 2ZR-FXE, In line, 4 Cyl, 16V DOHC, VVT-i Rp. 471.100.000
LANDCRUISER LC200 (Mi)4500 ccFull SpecVDJ200R - GNTEZ 006 Speed AutomaticDOHC 8Cyl FTV Twin Turbo Diesel Rp. 897.500.000
StandardVDJ200R - GNTEZ 01 Rp. 825.300.000
PREVIA2400 ccFull SpecACR50R - GFPGK - M14 Speed Automatic2AZ-FE, Gasoline 16 Valves Rp. 585.000.000
LEXUS5000 ccLS 600h A/T HYBRID 5 seats (Mi)UVF46R - AEXGHW 118-Speeds Sequential-Shift A/TElectric Hybrid V8VVT-iE 32V Rp. 1.700.000.000
LS 600h A/T HYBRID 4 seats (Mi)UVF46R - AEXGHW 108-Speeds Sequential-Shift A/TElectric Hybrid V8VVT-iE 32V Rp.1.700.000.000
4600 ccLS 460 5 seats (Mi)USF41R - AEZGHW 218-Speeds Sequential-Shift A/TV8 D-4S, dual VVT-i Rp. 1.300.000.000
LS 460 4 seats (Mi)USF41R - AEZGHW 208-Speeds Sequential-Shift A/TV8 D-4S, dual VVT-i Rp. 1.300.000.000
5700 ccLX 570 (Mi)URJ201R - GNTGKQ 116-Speeds A/TV8 3UR-FE, dual VVT-i Rp. 1.211.850.000
4500 ccGS 450h A/T HYBRID (FMC)GWL10R - BEXQB 006-Speeds A/T ECVTV6 2GR-FX, dual VVT-i Rp. 825.300.000
3500 ccGS 350 A/T (FMC)GRL10R - BETQH 006-Speeds A/T ECVTV6 2GR-FS, dual VVT-i Rp. 662.000.000
2500 ccGS 250 A/T (New)GRL11R - BETQH 006-Speeds A/T ECVTV6 4GR-FS, dual VVT-i Rp. 603.000.000
3500 ccRX 350GGL15R - AWTGKW 106-Speeds super ECTV6 2GR-FE, dual VVT-i with ACIS  Rp. 704.200.000
2700 ccRX 270AGL10R - AWTGKW 006-Speeds super ECTV6 2GR-FE, dual VVT-i with ACIS  Rp. 594.000.000
THAILANDYARIS1500 ccJ M/TNCP91R - AHMDKD 105 Speed Manual1NZ-FE, 4 Cyl, DOHC,16 Valves, VVT-I, ETCS-i Rp. 139.600.000
1500 ccE M/TNCP91R - AHMRKD 10 Rp. 147.200.000
1500 ccJ A/TNCP91R - AHPDKD 104 Speed Automatic Rp. 146.600.000
1500 ccE A/TNCP91R - AHPRKD 10 Rp. 154.200.000
1500 ccS M/TNCP91R - AHMVKD 105 Speed Manual Rp. 149.450.000
1500 ccS A/T LtdNCP91R - AHPVKD 114 Speed Automatic Rp. 166.800.000
1500 ccS A/T Ltd TRD SportivoNCP91R - AHPVKD 12 Rp. 192.875.000
New VIOS1500 ccE M/TNCP93R - BEMRKD 105 Speed Manual1NZ-FE,4 Cyl, DOHC,16 Valves, VVTi, ETCS-i Rp. 152.850.000
1500 ccG M/TNCP93R - BEMGKD 10 Rp. 164.550.000
1500 ccG A/TNCP93R - BEPGKD 104 Speed Automatic Rp. 176.550.000
1500 ccG A/T TRDNCP93R - BEPGKD 11-ditto- + TRD optional Rp. 200.462.000
Grand New COROLLA ALTIS1800 cc1.8 J M/TZZE142R - GEFDKD 005 Speed Manual 1ZZ-FE,4 Cyl, DOHC,16 Valves, VVTi  Rp. 233.119.000
1800 cc1.8 G A/TZZE142R - GEXGKD 004 Speed Automatic Rp. 252.203.000
2000 cc2.0 V A/TZRE143R - GEXVKD 00 Rp. 274.110.000
New CAMRY2400 cc2.4G A/TACV40R - JEAEKD 105 Speed Automatic 2AZ-FE, 4 Cyl, DOHC, 16 Valves, VVTi Rp. 306.010.000
2400 cc2.4V A/TACV40R - JEAGKD 10 Rp. 328.910.000
3500 cc3.5Q A/TGSV40R - JETGKD 106 Speed Automatic2GR-FE, V6, DOHC, 24 Valves, VVTi Rp. 394.810.000
New Hi-Lux2000 cc4x2 M/T SCab Cs. Deck Gs.TGN10R-TRMRKD3 105 Speed Manual1TR-FE, 4 Cyl, DOHC, 16 valves, VVTi Rp. 121.260.000
4x2 M/T SCab P/U Deck Gs.TGN10R - TRMDKD 20 Rp. 128.530.000
2500 cc4x2 M/T SCab P/U Deck Dsl.KUN10R - TRMDYD 002KD-FTV Turbo IC, 4IL, 16V, DOHC, D-4D, Cmn.Rail Rp. 136.530.000
4x4 E M/T Double Cab Dsl.KUN26R - PRMDHD 002KD-FTV VN Turbo IC, 4IL, 16V, DOHC, D-4D, Cmn.Rail Rp. 236.900.000
4x4 G M/T Double Cab Dsl.KUN26R - PRMDHD 01 Rp. 256.395.000

(1) Duty free prices shall valid for the purchase with PP 8 (Diplomatic Facilities) and PP 19 (Organization under International Cooperation) only.
(2) Prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact our Service Advisor for further confirmation.
(3) Toyota Prices are include the complimentary 3Years Warranty/within 100,000km mileage and 3Years Free Service Fee/within 50,000km
(4) Complimentary for Lexus will be advised directly by Lexus Officer with term and condition applied.
(5) Japan CBU specifications may vary from the models available for Export Model and differ slightly from the printed photos in catalogues.
(6) The above prices do not include temporary and permanent police registration charge.

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